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Astronomical Image Processing Tutorials by Donald Waid
Now Available on DVD
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I re-mastered my tutorials in a high quality format and added additional presentations in order to produce a DVD that will play directly on a PC computer.  All that is required is a PC running Windows 2000 / XP, a DVD drive and speakers. I formated the presentations for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 or higher.  There are over 5 hours of educational presentations on the DVD.  Below is a listing of the tutorials along with the running time for each presentation.

Photoshop Tutorials

  • Basic Photoshop Tools Part 1   -   30 Min.
  • Basic Photoshop Tools Part 2   -   33 Min.
  • Basic Levels and Curves   -   19 min.
  • Noise Reduction Using the Color Range Tool   -   17 min.
  • Assembling an LRGB Image   -   17 min.
  • Slecting Stars to a Separate Layer 1   -   25 Min.
  • Background Smoothing Using a Difference Layer   -   18 min.
  • Using Russell Croman’s GradientXTerminator Plug-in   -   14 min.
  • Selective Sharpening Using a High Pass Filter   -   10 min.
  • Using a Variable Brightness Mask   -   15 min.
  • Bringing out Star Colors   -   15 min.
  • Star Elongation Repair Using the Offset Filter   -   23 min.
  • Star Repair Using the Smudge Tool   -   10 min.
  • Damaged or Deformed Star Repair   -   9 min.

General Topics and Other Program Tutorials
  • About Histograms   -   8 min.
  • Digital Development Processing in MaxIm DL   -   16 min.
  • Star Bloom Removal Using MaxIm DL   -   20 min.
  • Flat and Dark Reduction in CCDSoft   -   14 min.
  • Align and Combine in CCDSoft   -   9 min.
  • Layer Mask Sharpening in Paint Shop Pro   -   11 min.
  • Using the Lasso Tool in Paint Shop Pro   -   7 min.

Bringing Out Star Colors

This tutorial is included on the DVD and may be viewed here.  For your convenience, the Play, Pause and Time Line slider at the bottom of the screen is active.  After the tutorial finishes, use the back button to return to this page.

A note of caution, the file size of this tutorial is large.  The runtime of the tutorial is about 15 minutes.  A high-speed Internet connection may be required to avoid pauses in the presentation.


Reviewed and recommended by R. Jay Gabany in Universe Today magazine.
To read R. Jay's review click here.

“This is the kind of info that everyone has been searching for and it's in a format that is much better than reading from a book, the videos are awesome!!”
Matt Taylor, Claremore, Oklahoma

“In my opinion, this DVD is a must for astro-imagers.”
Mark Sibole, Fife Lake, Michigan

A copy of the DVD may be purchased for $24.95
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packaging, shipping and handling.
(Florida residents add 6% sales tax.)

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Astronomical Image Processing Tutorials.
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