Waid Observatory

Object: vdB-141 - The Ghost Nebula

Date: Sept. 16-17-18-19, 2020 - Telescope: ATRC10 - Camera: Apogee F8300M - Location: Ft. Davis, TX
Exposure: Lum. = 475 min. (Bin 1x1) Red = 280 min., Green = 260 min., Blue = 260 min. (Bin 2x2)

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The Ghost Nebula 1-2

vdB 141, as listed in Sidney van den Bergh's catalog of reflection nebulae, is commonly referred to as the Ghost Nebula. It is located in the constellation Cepheus approximately 1,400 lightyears from the Earth. There are many stars embedded within the nebula that illuminate the surrounding gas and dust and are responsible for its eerie, or spooky, brownish-grey color. To my eye, the two shapes to the left of the bright yellow star look like children gazing with wonder at a starry night sky.


Copyright Donald P. Waid